Real Estate lead-based paint testing

QIC Environmental Service understands that home purchasing is the biggest investment you will make. If you are purchasing a home that was build before 1978 there is a chance that lead-based paint or asbestos can be present in the home.

Let us help with keeping you and your family safe by performing an inspection and sampling to test for these toxic materials.

Lead Disclosure Rule

The Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act, commonly known as Title X, went into effect in 1996 and requires the disclosure of known lead hazards, the distribution of an EPA pamphlet, and specific language in a contract each time a pre-1978 property is sold or rented. Buyers are allowed 10 days to conduct an evaluation for lead before they are obligated under a contract. 

EPA Pamphlet

To request a copy of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pamphlet speak with your Realtor or you may acquire a copy from the EPA’s Lead site.