QIC Environmental Service consist of professional opinions and recommendations made in accordance with generally accepted engineering principles and practices and are designed to provide a tool to assist the Client. QIC Environmental Service or those representing QIC Environmental Service bear no responsibility for the actual condition(s) of the structure or safety of an inspected site regardless of the actions taken by the Client.

Upon acceptance of the report, the Client agrees that the actual site conditions at the subject property may change with time; that hidden conditions (not discover-able at the time of assessment) may exist at the site; and that the scope of inspection(s) may be limited by time, budget and other constraints. Regardless of the findings of QIC Environmental Service inspections makes no warranty that the site is free from existing or threatened mold, bacteria, or other contaminants, and QIC Environmental Service is not responsible for consequences and/or conditions arising from facts that were concealed, withheld, or not fully disclosed at the time the inspection(s) was conducted. Suspect asbestos-containing building materials and suspect lead-based paints were not characterized during the inspection(s). Pictures from the our site visit can be requested via US postal certified mail. All pictures will be delivered to client via electronic email service.  

QIC Environmental Service represents to the Client, That we have use the degree of care and skill ordinarily exercised by environmental consultants in the preparation of the inspections of the subject property and in the assembling of data and information related thereto, in accordance with generally accepted professional practices. No other warranties are made either expressed or implied.

QIC Environmental Service is not licensed as medical professionals; therefore the conclusions and recommendations contained within the report(s) do not constitute any medical opinions, human health risk analysis, and/or public health alerts. Client need to consulted with a licensed physician for such opinions.