Investigation are performed using procedures and a level of diligence typically exercised by professional consultants performing similar services. Hidden or changed conditions, activities that may have occurred after the time of the investigation, and possible inaccurate information providedto QIC Environmental Service.  QIC Environmental Service reserves the right to change its opinion when new information is encountered.

The procedures used for our survey's attempt to establish material sampled is NON Asbestos continue. Because an exhaustive investigation was not performed , the recommendations should not be construed as a guarantee that all safety or health hazards that may exist at the subject property have been identified.

All building material square footage in our report's are best estimates. Contractor are to confirm exact square footage of all material sampled. QIC Environmental Service does not take any responsibility for missed and/or wrong square footage of building material's.  

No warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, is made regarding the findings, conclusions or recommendations contained in the report's. The limitations presented above supersede the requirements or provisions of all other contracts or scopes of work, implied or otherwise, except as expressly stated or acknowledged herein. QIC Environmental Service is not responsible for the actions of other parties involved in the project's.

It is expressly agreed that QIC Environmental Service will have no liability to any party for reliance upon any of the findings or recommendations contained in the report's. To the extent that this provision is found unenforceable by any court, any liability QIC Environmental Service may have arising out of its agreement with the contracting party is expressly agreed to be limited to the amount less then $500.00 and/or paid to QIC Environmental Service whichever is less.